March 09, 2012

Chicken Fills In On Drums

It was 7:04 in the evening when Chicken got the call. After a busy day at the shops and a long tram ride home, she was utterly pooped. The microwave dinner was standard protocol on Thursday evenings. 

She had set her plate on the coffee table and was looking for the channel 2 news when the phone rang. It turned out Barnsey's drummer had taken the wrong pills and was stuck on the toilet so they'd be needing a replacement for tonight's gig.

Chicken launched off the couch, grabbed her favourite Vinnie Paul bandana and flapped out the door faster than a swallow on speed. 

When she arrived at the venue, needless to say, there were complications. Barnesy hadn't told security she was coming. After a whole lot of faffing about, a crew member brought her through and rushed her straight to the green room.

There was a quick high five and an all-hands-in teamwork cry before the motley crew sauntered on stage. It was time for Chicken to fill in on drums!

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